Mr. Ed

I met this friendly character on the side of the Cwmbran Mountain. It took a certain amount of editing to remove the barbed wire and post that divided us at the time but well worth the effort. Next time, I must take him a treat.

mr ed with poem.jpg

Heavy Thoughts

A stone statue located in the Courtyard in Caerleon, cast into dark, shadowed relief.


Treading the Borderlands

This shot was taken on an amazing walk during September, to Twmpa (also known as Lord Hereford's Knob), a mountain in south-east Wales, forming a part of the great northwest scarp of the Black Mountains. Looking back as we contuined our long ascent, we could see shafts of sunlight breaking through the gathering clouds - a photographer's dream setting. This aspect of countryside runs very close to the border and included following the Offa's Dyke path on our return, the famous track that follows the divide of countries. I aim to upload further shots to my "WALKS" page.

treading the border.jpg

At the Top of the Mountain

At the top of South Wales' highest mountain (Pen y Fan), people having been building these stone monuments, which at first sight, appear to be towering structures worthy of the Incas. In reality, they are just over a foot tall and no doubt, upset the conservationists who see the stones as a means of preventing erosion on the footpaths. Interesting fact - Pen y Fan was once at the bottom of the ocean and you can still discover fossilised remains of sea creatures in the area.

Top of Pen Y Fan.jpg

Caerphilly Castle

As seen from inside the main gatehouse. Surrounded by artificial lakes (it was once considered to have "the most elaborate water defences in all Britain") – it occupies 30 acres and is the second largest castle in the United Kingdom. The Welsh word "Caer" or "Gear" means "fortress".


A View of the Brecons

A water-painting conversion of a shot I took at the beginning of a walk last month, at the Begwns - land owned by the National Trust but free for all to enjoy. This is part of an undertaking to walk the entire length of the Wye Valley, having reached about halfway at this stage. More details including a link to the walk itself, can be found in my "WALKS" link.

WP - Brecons.jpg