THE TOWER (St. Mary's Church)

z st mary church tower.jpg

St Mary's Church (Tintern)

Destroyed in 1977,  the entrance to this historic ruin is currently open, a fact that one of the locals found most disturbing due to its state. Please take care therefore, if venturing inside. The graveyard is home to several most unusual monuments including a sarcophagus tomb. The lack of graffiti and vandalism is also a most welcome change, the inhabitants of Tintern and its visitors obviously more civilised that a significant portion of the rest of the country.

st mary church texture.jpg

The Power of Steam

Taken at East Somerset Railway year last, shortly after I had been up in the footcabin for a go at driving this magnificent beast, a most amazing experience.

power of steam.jpg

Henry and William

Two canine companions who belong to my good buddy Chris, captured here with a black background. A hard feat indeed, to capture these two sitting still. This photograp had an amazing level of feedback on the Facebook Group "Dogs of Torfaen".

William and Henry Onion skin - bnw.jpg