The first two books in my "Gifts of Magic" series are currently unavailable to buy on-line due to issues with Amazon.

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Those contained inside the Pit of Ages are not as dormant as once believed.


Rhinea Soharna, huntress of Eshkel, has never learnt the reason as to why she was chosen to receive a revered ‘Gift’ yet its ownership has proved to be a bane rather than any blessing, that is until today. Disaster has arrived at the backend of civilisation, a most improbable location for any invasion yet the tolling of the village bell is to be a herald to tragedy. The Malice have returned; sightless winged leviathans born from their namesake emotion along with warriors who wear suits of living steel. The village witch Arn is not the doddering old hag that most have mistaken her for, her legacy of misdeeds linked to another of most unique importance. Also embroiled inside the mix of chaos are the enigmatic Darien twins, their heritage intertwined with that which they carry for their past transcends the turning of the seasons and is linked to those who once ruled the heavens. 


There is another who is uniquely tied to Rhinea, a woman who is as no other for she possesses the power of prophecy and with it the means to learn of the pending calamity that will engulf the Unified Lands. Hers is to be a race across nations, her life placed into peril for the evil that will soon claim Eshkel is already abroad making traitors of those previously loyal. Only reunited can these two women stave off the intentions of destiny for the stars wheel in the heavens in accord with an ancient prophecy that promises the end of days.


So it begins…

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The world of Arondia faces its darkest time for those contained inside the dreaded Pit are threatening to wake from their rest of aeons past.


After a day of chaos, night has finally arrived in the last of the great forests and with it a revealing of secrets. Arn Ferastall has been exposed as one of the most hated yet most accomplished witches in history, her legacy of sins tied to another for together they were the accursed ‘Gift Stealers’. She seeks to rescue the golden-haired huntress from the depths of the hidden underworld but Rhinea’s fate is tied to that of the goddess who shares her soul. Ashalt, the patron deity of the Everfell, desires possession of her host in order to wreak vengeance on mankind for the creation of Ethmaral, whilst this infamous bane is a legacy lost to the Darien Twins. Their destiny has since become intertwined with the destruction of Eshkel and with it the eradication of mercenary power on the northern continent.


Those who were once hidden have also become embroiled inside the unfolding chaos, the Shirafradia and their great song of ages placed into peril by a fiend from the Pit whose foulness is a match for the dreaded Malice Queen who rules the night sky. Elsewhere the one who has become the ‘Snake’ must endure a detour away from her planned route in order to obtain weapons for the challenges ahead, her encounter with the enigmatic ‘Messenger’ a tipping point in the balance of fate for he too is now hunted.


Those who wear the living silver skin remain abroad yet there are greater threats to be faced for the dead do not lie easy nor do those who were believed slain.


So it continues…

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A young girl and her elder brother embark on an adventure of a lifetime when a holiday to scenic Cornwall turns into something more than just buckets and spades on the beach. An encounter with smugglers from another time and a voyage on an ancient galleon are just part of the adventure. Join an action-packed tale that features so many elements of a child’s imagination, from magic carpets to flying broomsticks, a ghost ship and a journey into a secret realm once ruled by mermaids.


Hollie and Joshua must help rescue a kidnapped piskie princess from the wicked and dreaded Bartholomew, Lord of the Seagulls. Other allies accompany them as they do battle against the forces of darkness led by the Evil One’s head minion, no other than the dreaded seagull, Captain Poodark.


A coffee table book covering the length of the Monmouthshire and Brecon canal, featuring a photo of every crossing along the 56 mile way, with titbits of local knowledge.

When I originally adopted walking as a hobby, this was an initial goal, to traverse its length in many stages over the course of several months. Back then, a significant portion of the canal had been drained for restoration walk and at times, it was like being in a post apocalyptic world. Thus came about the desire to start over and create a journal of the journey along the way. 

Due to the Pandemic and lock-down restrictions, work on this project came to an abrupt halt, but should start up again soon. A sneak preview can be see on the video below.